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Taxes and Levis Collected By the LIRS.

Below is a list of taxes and levies collected by the Lagos Internal Revenue Sercvice. Some of these taxes do come with a few charges those will be listed also after the general list

  • Personal Income Tax.
  • Witholding Tax. (Individuals Only)
  • Capital Gain Tax. (Individuals Only)
  • Stamp Duties on instruments executed by individauls.
  • Pools betting and Lotteries.
  • Gaming and Casino Tax.
  • Road Tax.
  • Business Premises registration fee.
  • Development Levy. (Individuals Only)
  • Name of Streets registration fees in the state capital
  • Rights of Occupancy fees on land owned by the State Givernment
  • Market Taxes and Levies where state is financed is involved


With the acception of a few taxes collected, some of them do come with a few charges. that will be listed below:

  • Pay-as-you-earn (PAYE under Personal Income Tax).
  • Direct Taxation (Self Assessment under Personal Income Tax).
  • Urban areas defined by each state under Business Premises registration fee 10,000 for registration and 5,000 per annum for renewal.
  • Under rural areas, 2,000 for registration and 1,000 per annum for renewal of registration.


For more information regarding the type of taxes and levies we collect including charges please contact us.